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Balwan, Kausik.

Kausik grew up and went to art school at a time when the established status quo was anti-Dada, anti-Duchamp, and anti-Abstraction. The degeneracy and disdain that these art movements were regarded with fostered a pushback […]

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Kalasadan is a dance and music collective based out of Matunga, in Central Mumbai. Watch this video to find out more about this amazing collective that attempts to protect and promote traditional forms of Bharatnatyam […]

Kala-Yug: Mahesh Bariya’s Art & Altruism

After jostling your way through rush-hour, when you can feast on the rainbow murals at stations like Khar & Mahim instead of being flanked by tedious peeled-paint walls & metal sheets, you have Warli specialist […]